Your Heart Rhythm

A Primer On Cardiac Arrhythmias

Fainting girl illustration


The next time the radio is on, tune to a Country/Western music station and listen to the lyrics. Some people say that all country music songs are about working hard, your mother (or father), the railroad, your dog, drinking, breaking up, or just hanging out. I think most country music songs are about love. Some of these songs talk of "a pounding in my chest," "heart beating like a drum," and even of a "pulse racing like a locomotive" (there's that railroad thing again!). All of these feelings are wonderfully normal for someone in love. However, when these sensations occur unprovoked, there may be something wrong with the heart rhythm. This publication was written for people who may have a heart rhythm disorder, also known as an "arrhythmia" (pronounced ah-RITH-me-uh).